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Caring For A Pet Rabbit

19 October 2015 1:37:16 pm AEDT


- Rabbits are very social and interactive animals that love attention - they do not like to be picked up but love being patted.

Rabbits need at least 4 hours of exercise per day - they cannot live a healthy life shut in a cage.

- Rabbits are most active in mornings and evenings and sleep throughout the day.

- Rabbits can live for 8-12 years - some have been known to live longer.

- Rabbits need daily challenges and mental stimulation e.g.: toys

- Rabbits can get hairballs so it is important to groom your rabbit - Rabbits clean themselves the same way as cats do.

- Rabbits can overheat quickly - on hot days it is recommended you place a frozen water bottle in their hutch for them to be able to cool down.

- Rabbits need their nails clipped regularly.

- Rabbits teeth continually grow throughout their lives - it is important to have chew toys for them as this wears their teeth down.

- Rabbits should be desexed. Undesexed rabbits will mark their territory with faeces and urine, may become aggressive and are likely to have health problems. Most rabbits will naturally use a litter box when desexed.

- Rabbits make great indoor pets, they are very clean and quiet but you will need to rabbit proof the house as they will chew electrical cords and anything else they take a fancy to.

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